EtA Club Annual Subscription

EtA Club Annual Subscription

1,500.00 every 12 months
  • Invest in EtA: Self-Funded Search Funds, Traditional Search Funds, Independent Sponsors

  • Deal Flow: Connect with buyers engaged in acquisition proceedings and actively seeking support from “Accredited Investors.”

  • Qualified and vetted deal flow (12-30 deals/year)

  • Motivated and capable management focused on generating multiple expansion

  • Profitable and scalable small firms

    • $5M-$50M in Revenue

    • $500K-$5M EBITDA

  • 23-30% IRRs

  • 3-5x EBITDA entry multiples

  • “Accredited Investors” only


Your EtA Club subscription will be billed on a annual basis.

Within 24 hours of completing internal buyer assessment and deal assessment, EtA Club will notify subscribers of active deal by email. Due to fluctuating deal volume EtA Club does not make any express or implied warranty or guaranty to furnish any certain number of deals, but makes best efforts to identify and share 12-30 deals annually.